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Columbia Rail includes four short line railroads and rail services businesses covering 150 track miles in Eastern Washington and Oregon.

  • Handling carrier relationship with Union Pacific and BNSF plus strong working relationships with all major short lines in the Pacific Northwest
  • Successful turnaround of low-density lines into long-term viable railroads through our focus on customer service and development
  • Contract operator of publically-owned railroads with strong track record of attaining grant funding for rehabilitation and upgrades

Call for Details/Pricing

Paul Didelius: – (509) 492-3553

Columbia Rail Short Line Railroads

  • Columbia-Walla Walla Railway
    • Connections to Union Pacific and BNSF
    • Dayton to Walla Walla line leased from the Port of Columbia since 2016, Wallula to Walla Walla/Weston line leased from Union Pacific since 2019
    • Main commodities: grain, stone, fertilizer
  • Kennewick Terminal
    • Connections to Union Pacific and BNSF
    • Purchased from City of Kennewick in 2009
    • Main commodities: cement products, fertilizer
  • Port of Morrow Rail Services
    • Private switching rail operator for Port of Morrow
    • Connections to Union Pacific
  • Royal Line
    • Connections to BNSF via Columbia Basin Railroad
    • Leased from the Port of Royal Slope since 2016
    • Main commodities: Wheat, fertilizer, agricultural products
  • Yak Rail
    • Connections to BNSF
    • Leased from Yakima County since 2010
    • Main commodities: NGL, lumber, beef tallow, fertilizer